Saturday, December 26, 2009

my true loveeee.


arent u happy?
okay, u dont need to answer that -_-

anyway, i went to eat at a pan mee shop today, their specialty is the 'lat jiu pan mee'' (chili pan mee). its in this restaurant called Restoran Kin Kin in Jln TAR. and outside that restaurant, i saw smth! smth i really really liked sinceeeeeee....... i watched the Lizzie Mcguire movie back in 2003. wow, crap. thats long.

yessssss, guess what is it?

its a..........

FYI, a vespa is an Italian line of scooters by a man named Piaggio.

i love vespas in pastel colours like this pink one
or this turquoise one :)hot red!


ZEBRA-PRINT!look at the vespa's meter. how cute!

so, tell me. whats cooler than a vespa?

a vespa with a SIDE CAR!
omg:D i can bring my grandpa all around with it;)

i can see jude law looks happy with his vespa :(.
i bet, if i have one, i'll look just as happy as he is on it.

owen wilson has one too :|hugh jackman and his black vespa
j.lo on a vespa. i dont think its actually her's. shes just posing.hayden pannetiere

arghhh. anyway, i dont think my parents will ever get me a Vespa ;|.
they said its too dangerous.
how can it be dangerous when i would be having these as my helmets!

aint it cool or whaaat? ;D

ahh. enough with dreaming ;(
im going to watch tv.

btw, its boxing day today :D. which means DISCOUNTS! YAY!
why am i so happy about it? well, its because yee ling whos in america right now would be buying lots of stuff for us. right, yee ling? ;P


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