Sunday, December 20, 2009

BBQ + Sleepover at a Far far away land

Hello readers!

A few of the girls of this blog had a sleepover at Pat's uncle's place.

Venue: Staffield Country Resort, Mantin, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Far right?

I went to Da's house at 8.30 am. We went to the market to get the sotong. We helped an old woman to carry her groceries down the stairs and onto the road where she waited for a taxi. She looked so pitiful. =( Brenda had a few difficulties to choose a shirt to wear. She was parading around the room for me to see. I just told her to wear the white transparent shirt. XD

We went to Pat's house at around 1pm. There, I met Selviah for the first time. My first impression of her was I thought she looked like Farah and her attitude is abit like Farah's. Hyper and all that. I didnt know that she is 15. I thought she was 17. seriously. I thought she's pretty too =).

Wilbur drove us to the resort. We reached at about 2pm i think. Pat showed us around. Brenda and I played around with the grand piano. The first thing that caught my eye was the 3 dogs outside the glass door! Chanel, LV and Terry. (pat correct my spelling if its wrong) LV looks very special. I think she looks like a lion. She is a mixed breed of Siberian husky and golden retriever. Terry is 12 years old and is the mother of Chanel who is 10 years old!. Terry is sooo skinny and looks so pitiful. Pat told us that she gives her food to Chanel. What a caring mother! but still so sad =(

We played around abit and Albert, Ivan, Jay and Kedd arrived. Albert scared me. He was right outside the door. I screamed. haha. While the others were busy doing their stuff in the house, Brenda and I ran to the golf course and ran down the hill. It was so fun. We dragged Pat out with us and started running. Soon, everyone came out with us and ran down the highest slope. We gained momentum from running down the slope which made us accelerate upwards =D I'm applying physics to daily life Mr Mohan! (lameeee, shuk. so lame. btw this is feon-na! ;D)

Feon-Na arrived later. We started bbq-ing. Wilbur was hungry. Ching Xong arrived with Ben and Edmond with the ICE! It was supposed to be Jay's job to bring it but he insisted that the ice would melt by the time he got here. Proves Jay wrong doesnt it? :)

We ate just like how normal bbqs will go. Albie came out with a stitch costume. It was so cute. He gave us chocolates. The pictures are in Ben's Facebook. When it was late, everyone went back leaving us girls and Wilbur. Pat, Na, Leng, Da, Selviah, Rachel, Kristy and I. Brenda and Na started washing the plates while Leng and I waited for our turn to wash the bbq pit. They were using the anakku soap as we couldn;t find any dish washing soap. Pat was vomiting outside. She ate something wrong. We suspect its the sotong. Elizabeth (the kakak) must have given Albie BAKING SODA instead of salt to marinate the sotong. They cooked 2 as sample and pat sampled it. When we entered the kitchen we saw bubbles in the sotong. Luckily Na was smart enough to wash it and re-marinate it with bbq sauce. If she didn't, everyone would be going home sick.

Quotes from Albert Lim that night:
Albert: Excuses me selviah. Please stop rubbing your pumpkin on my marshmallow.
Albert: Excuse me Madame, WATCH WHERE YOU PARK YOUR CAR.

This is Leng's and my experience of washing the bbq pit:

Feon-Na and Brenda left the sink. Leng and I took the metal sponges and started scraping the charred excess on the metal base. We used the scouring soap specially for steel that leng found in a bucket beside the fridge. We talked about random things and time just flew by. We were actually scrubbing the pit for 2 hours. Imagine how long our hands were submerged in water + the scouring soap. After the 2 hours, we admit defeat. There was still a small bit of the charred excess left on the metal base. We washed our hands and our skin was revealed. Our hands were all wrinkly. The funniest thing was that my fingers turned GREEN! They some how turned green i dont know why.

We were singing while Pat recorded. She wanted to record her own song. It was a FAILURE. I think we needed Wei Yeen la. Feon-Na, Leng and I wanted to play with the dogs outside. Pat opened the door and we went out. That was when something bad happened. Leng and Pat went inside while Feon-Na and I were outside still playing around. We wanted to get back inside so we had a plan. I was to bring LV(the dog) outside the small green gate while Na opened the glass door to get in and I closed the green gate so LV would be outside. Plan FAILED! LV was so quick. Her head squeezed through the gate before I could even close it. She squeezed through the glass door where Na was at and into the house. She ran so quickly out of the house. The worst part was: the house had no gate! LV ran out of the house compartment! It was 3am! there were some parts of the road that had no lights. We didnt think much. We just ran after dog only thinking about getting it back. We didn't even think about the danger that could have happen out there. We were so close to LV when she suddenly sped up when she saw us. She ran to the dark corners of another house which we thought was abandoned. We just stared at the house not know what to do. Pat shouted at us when she saw us nearing the abandoned house, ''NOBODY MOVES. DONT GO IN THERE!''. everyone just stopped and stood there. Pat looked around just in time to see LV dissapearing around the corner of the road. That got us running after her again. She ran so fast and ran into another house which had people staying in it. We couldn't see her anymore. We just kept calling her name. Rachel came with her car and scolded us. She said "ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY? WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AFTER THE DOG? GET INTO THE CAR NOW!" Leng and I just said " We can't find the dog yet" Then Pat and Na came out holding LV's collar. We walked back and then we realized that we had actually ran a long distance. We didn't feel tired while we were running. In fact, we didn't think much or felt anything except the urge to get LV back. It must have been the adrenaline rush. We forced LV back out of the glass door. She was reluctant to get back there. Pat had to drag her in. In a way it was good that LV ran out. She made us lazy people exercise for some time =D

We sat on the floor and stairs sipping cold water and listening to Pat's childhood memories with Selviah, Kristy and Rachel. Turns out that Selviah was the one who was always bullied by them. Pat and Rachel made Selviah drink "ribena" it was a pink coloured water made by squashing red leaves and colour pencil. I pity Selviah. She was also the one who broke everything. She broke the cupboard and a glass and CURTAINS! after someone told her not to break it. We talked for some time then went upstairs to the room. Kristy, Rachel and Selviah told us some ghost stories which made us scared to even take a bath. Taking a bath means being alone. Being alone means having no companion. Having no companion means, another lonely soul will SEEK FOR YOUR COMPANION! :O Leng kept thinking that something would grab is from the under the bed. Rachel was so scary when she told the stories. It was like she wasn't scared. She's so brave! She's also like a vampire. She kept saying she's gonna leave when the sun rises. Once we lay on the bed, we instantly fell asleep. We didn't even know Rachel, Kristy and Selviah left except leng who was awake but just waved and said goodbye. I just she felt too tired to get up from the bed.

Brenda was freezing. I could feel how cold she was. She started sneezing and that woke me up. I dragged her leg and put it near leng who was lying on my other side. I missed the shopping outing with my family. =( We got up the next afternoon. Wilbur drove us to Pizza Hut and back to Pat's house. Na's parents picked her up at Pizza Hut. Leng, Da, Pat and I talked about random stuff. Leng's parents came followed by Brenda's. I followed Brenda home. My parents came after that and I went home.

Thanks Pat for the AWESOME BBQ and Sleepover!
(sorry shuk, i edited some stuff. this is feon-na again btw)

okay, now its my turn!
hahaha. wait i'll change the colour back to black.

okayy, so (HI WEI YEEN)

(HI FEON-NA. and yes, i was reading them before this post is published =D)

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