Tuesday, December 22, 2009

boys these days.

this conversation took place in the big chat when Ben came online.

Ranil : Baby benedict cakes
Ranil : how are u today baby *fondles with ur hair*
Bennnnn: I'm fineeee baaaaabyy.. *giggles*
Ranil : of course
Ranil : ive got you
Ranil : =D
Ranil : OWH YEAH!!!
feon-na : EWWWW
feon-na : WTH
feon-na : hahaahahahahahhaha
Ranil : hello feon-na *looks hornily at ben*
ivan : hahaha
Ranil : Wana join *winks*

the part where Ben giggles and Ranil playing with Ben's hair still send chills down my spine and make hairs stand ;| brrr.


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