Thursday, December 31, 2009


its gonna be a new year soon.
year 2010
infact, its too soon ;|

im pretty scared of not knowing what will happen ahead.

but anyway, im sure it will be a great year.
well, it has to be. its our final year in school.

FORM 5 okayyyy.

anyway, this year was full of ups and downs.
but most of the time we had each other. i had u all okay.
im glad for having u all with me:).
hahaha. i sound so sentimental.
but im serious. thinking back now.
u all were so happy and positive all the time whenever one of us was sad.
especially u know when we get angry at some annoying farts in school and ever get so pissed of at them and start bitching about them. we would try our best to make each other feel good again :D.

anyway, enough with that or else i would end up a really long post. im trying to finish this post before 12.
i love all of you so much :)
i really do. HAHA. i sound like a boyfriend who cheats on their gfs often.


feon-na ;)

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