Sunday, December 20, 2009

you belong with me

hello blogworld :)

i had a very adventurous day today.
i went to rakuzen-tzuleong's birthday celebration-genting-gohtong jaya-jengliang's house-home.

sister went pick up boom in the morning and we headed over to julian's place. (JULIAN IS SUCH A BIG DELAY PERSON) we thought we were late but we ended up waiting for julian for like another 20 minutes.

and it's finally time for RAKUZEN.
the eight of us practically ate like there was no tomorrow.
`150 pieces of sashimi
`5o pieces of tuna
`8 huge plates of unagi
`like 15 rolls?
`3 cups of cawan mushi
`5 plates of spider maki
`20 scoops of green tea ice cream?
`udon mee
`hot bowl beef
`4 plates of chicken terriyaki
`2 plates of kappa maki
`1 plate of appetizer
`4 plates of soft shell crab

and i don't remember anymore.
there was so much of joy and laughter until i had stomach cramps due to laughing. btw, green tea ice cream looks exactly the same as wasabi. :)

later we went the place opposite julian's house to cut tzu leong's birthday cake (orea cheese :)) baked by mr abel chia.

we last minutely decided to go up to genting just to feel the awesome weather.
spent like half hour up at the peak and came back down to gohtong jaya for some tong sui.
i felt so warm after the warm four seasons tong sui.
i pity my sister because her dresscode was so not genting style :( miniskirt and bareback
and i was lucky as before i left the house i last minute decided to change to jeans and long sleeves.

dropped by at jengliang's house later and had some crazy karaoke and movie session.
and the stupid movie bloody corrupted me.
all thanks to a bell.

at 7 something my mom called and she was paranoid about my sister driving at night so she practically forced boom to send her home all the way and my parents volunteered to send him back to his place.
anyways, abel followed all the way to send boom home after that. they didn't want to mafan my parents.

and finally home sweet home :)
my sister's pathetic hair smells like cream now thanks to the birthday boy.

p/s : my title is you belong with me because all the way up and down genting the radio played almost ever famous song except for this.
and during karaoke session no one wants to select this song for me.

- l e N g -

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