Tuesday, November 3, 2009

IU Day and ahahaha.

I performed with Savira, Ashlyn and Kar Kei. Here's the vid.

Then, Pat came!!!! and i was so happy seeing her after a week! she 
came back from Gold expedition.
I play football a lot nowadays. Its nice. and vik is coming next
month!!! yaay!
even finals are over we're still studying! oh gosh.. but its good la
somehow. our brains wont be rusted much in jan.
today in class, ms tye distributed our eng papers and we read each 
other's essays.
yee ling's one was so sweet and feon-na's was so sad til i cried.
shuk yin cried massively weih. hahaha. funny.
but yeah it was sad cuz she talked bout her grandma's last moment
on earth.
and xin you was being so secretive bout his essay.
pfft. :p
hope everything will be fine in the future.


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