Thursday, November 26, 2009

1st week of hols so far. ahahaha

last friday after sch i went to penang for kak huda's engagement ceremony. oh n my dad took my report card during report card day. it was so funny okay. mr vicky met my dad for the first time and my dad was talking non-stop and mr vicky was tryna stop him to actually talk bout my report card. lolly.  came back on sunday night and went to sch the next morning for xmas rehearsals. then i went out w avelyn! on tuesday and both of us got our prom dresses for dsara and cheras and im SO excited for PROM! hahaha. farny. 
the next day, went back to school and performed for cempaka christmas celebration. mr rodrigo is so funny. seriously. hahahahaha. 

ohyeah before i forget, we had this 1 malaysia fashion show in sch. it was nice and all of us were looking pretty. and i lost my mum's eye brush D'':


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