Monday, November 9, 2009

a tiring day

haven't been blogging/posting in a while. And i guess this is gonna be a lengthy one.

Alrighty...where should i start? hmmm school's okay today. Had sports in the morning, which made me a little tan and i started to nose bleed when i got home =____= and I had a bad tummy ache after break for no reasons. So i just sleep in class. OH YEA, shuk yin was putting me on skype call with I don't know who, because till now she did not wanna tell me!

OH talking about nose bleeding, its something I have all the time since I was young. But as I grew up, it became less often, so I assumed that it will end eventually when i grow older. But STILL, my parents insisted that I should get my nose checked. So fine! I agreed on having an appointment with a nose specialist after finals, because they had this idea WHILE I'm having finals...

So today after school, before I even got in the car, this takes place:

Dad: Hey, I'm bringing you to the hospital later. Assunta Hospital.
Me: WHY? anyone admitted hospital? omgosh...
Dad: No lah. choi! (touch wood) I made an appointment with the doctor already.
Me: WHAT? today? this is so last minute.
Dad: Hey you promised me when you're having finals, remember?
Me: Ok. But I have tuition later!
Dad: Your tuition's at 5.30...We're going NOW
Me: WTH?!?!?!?!

Well, I'm obviously not ready for it at all! But PFFT like I have a choice...

As we reached the hospital, I sat outside and waited. Outside the clinic. Alone. Why? Coz my mum went to the washroom for I don't know how long, and my dad's parking the car. Suddenly, the doctor came out and stared at me. STARED. I looked at him too, and he looked grumpy and fierce...CRAP I'm so dead!

Luckily both my parents are with me when its my turn to enter. He started asking me questions and stuff, like what makes my nose bleed and when does it usually happen and bla bla bla.....SKIP

Okay, time to check my nose! I had to sit in this weird looking chair, something like the ones in dentist clinics, and right in front of me is scary-looking machines and cables hanging everywhere. OMG. He gave me a tissue coz i might need it later, (that makes it even scarier), and he's holding this little but LONG cable, with a diameter of a cotton bud. At the end of this cable there's a little light, and before I notice anything else about this cable he STUFFED it into my nostril... it hurts! Imagine something like that goes DEEP into your nose. gosh. And once he took it out, my nose was bleeding. wth. Now I know why he gave me a tissue... Just when I thought it's over, he did the same to my other nostril! Haha I teared during the second time. =(

In the end, he gave some medications and told me to come back after 2 weeks, to make sure what's the problem. But 1 thing that he's sure, its not cancerous. So I'm not dying anytime soon! After that, I thought I could skip my tuition, but I was wrong. Somehow in some way, time passed so slowly and I was in time for my 5.30 piano class. GOSH.

So when i got home, my nose is freaking bleeding, I'm still in my uniform, and I'm SO tired due to all that rushing and last minute stuff and sports this morning just give me body aches.

URGH such a bad dayyy

wei yeen

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