Friday, November 20, 2009

last day of school, 1st day of =)

Alright, last day of school! Time to partyyy!

To me, last day of school this year is simply DULL, unlike previous years, where we have year-end parties with junk food and we had fun and enjoyed and did lots of crazy stuff...etc. And I'm always excited when school is about to end.

But for this year, last day of school is just PLAIN BORING. I'm srs. And I cannot believe that form 4 had officially ended. We're gonna be form 5s' next year! Gosh...I'm not ready at all.

However, on this very day, something really amazing/great/awesome/any other extraordinary words you can think of, happened. And that really made my dayyy =) This proves that the end of something can also, at the same time, be the beginning of another thing!

Btw, the best song to describe my mood now is "At The Beginning-Anastasia"
Great song...LOVE it

P.S. no matter how long I've waited, it's worth it. =)
a happy girl

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