Wednesday, November 18, 2009

china !


okay. anyway, im just gonna talk about my trip lah. it was a really long trip. hahaha. this happened on the very first day in the plane from KL to Guang Zhou for the transit to Wuhan.


I was at my seat and the air stewardess was serving us our breakfast. My mum earlier told me it was either fish noodles or chicken with rice for breakfast. It was soon my turn and this conversation took place:

in blue is the translation from chinese to english. hehe. i understand chinese if they speak slowly.

Air stewardess : Ni yao chi shen me? what would you like to eat?
me: uhhhh. (thinking: noodles or rice, noodles or rice?.....NOODLES!) uhhh. Wo yao mian fen. i want noodles. at least thats what i think i said lah.
air stewardess : *hands me over my tray of food*
me : thanks. * opens foil and realizes I got the chicken with rice instead of the noodles* -___-
* tries getting attention of air stewardess again*
me : wo yao mien, bu shi fan. i want noodles, not rice.
air stewardess : gan chai wo ting ni jiang ni yao mi fan. earlier, u said u wanted rice.

( apparently, mi fan = rice. Mien tiao = NOODLES) okayyy. Whatever lah.

Then, my uncle and mum came to help me.

Air stewardess : ni jiang ni yao mi fan gan chai. Ni na li you jiang ni yao mien tiao ( she sounded like a bitch, seriously. I wish I could swear at her in Chinese ;| ) you said you wanted rice just now. you didnt say that you wanted noodles.

Me : wo jiang wo yao miennnnnnnn. i said noodlesssssssss

Mum : eh. Tha bu huei jiang hwa yi okay. eh, she doesnt know how to speak chinese okay.

Uncle : zai ma lay si ya, wo men jiao mi fan, FAN. Mien tiao shi jiao MIEN. in Malaysia, we call your mi fan as FAN. mien tiao as MIEN.

Air stewardess : dan shi da jiang tha yao mi fen gan zhai. but, she said she wanted rice mi fan just now.

cant she realise already that it was just some communication problem? -__-

Me : wo mei yo. I said mien. i didn't. i said mien.(noodles)

* uncle continues argueing with her for another like 2 mins? *

Finally, she hands me over the noodles with the bitchiest face she had all flight-long. Does that word even exist? Hahahaha.

After eating, my aunt and cousin who was sitting beside me started laughing. I look at them.

Me : why are u 2 laughing?

Aunt: HAHAHAHA. Just now u said mien fen.

Me : yeah. I want noodles lah.

Cousin : mien fen is FLOUR LAH. HAHAHAHAHAA.

Me : what? Oh yeahh. I said mien fen? MIEN FEN IS FLOUR? Omg. I said flour!


Me : * was SO SO SO embarrassed and decided to just laugh along with them to hide the awkwardness ;X*

after the flight. I can hear my cousin, JOYCE. Telling all my other relatives about that story. Gahhh.
and they laugh at almost every meal when the China chinese waiters ask whether we want mi fen -__- .


and another thing happened.

i was at the airport in china. just passed the immigration scanning part. then,

i saw a woman running in distress. she looked really awful ( i meant her expression) she was crying out loud and running towards me. i just looked at her and wondered lah. i thought maybe her stuff got confiscated or smth. then as i walked for about 5 steps later.


in my head : omg. what the hell is happening? * looks back at woman who was crying*

at that time, i saw a few sales promoters from nearby duty free shops surrounding the man and some running with their walkie-talkies speaking really fast in chinese.

i went closer to the man. and i could see his face. he looks a little bit yellow.

in my head : OMG. IS HE DEAD???

i saw my other family members walking by me. then they realised why i stopped too. they saw the man.

i just stood there looking at the sad woman, she must be the wife. and the man who was lying on the floor, hes a middle aged man. then suddenly i saw one of the sales promoter ( a man) started pushing his chest CPR style. and omg it looked so wrong cos i remembered when dr rizal taught me in prefects camp, it didnt look like that. then i was panicking, i felt like i should tell him. but another side of my mind is telling me hes dead. and there was ANOTHER side of me that was telling me that i had forgotten how to do it, i might just kill him.

i hear people who was in a rush stared and the man and mumbled that he was dead.

then the wife shouted, ''WEI SHEN ME NA ME JIU. ME YOU REN LAI PANG THA'' why is it taking so long. no one is coming to help.
* continues crying*

then i saw my cousin, she was like ''OMG. CANT SOMEONE PERFORM CPR?''

a few seconds later i saw her, running towards the man. she started pumping his chest and stuff lah.

then, the woman kept crying louder and louder. i felt really bad cos she was next to me. i just placed my hand on her shoulder and patted her. ( i really didnt know what to do)

my cousin stood up and told me that. hes dead. cos, when she pumped his chest, air come out from his throat ( he had a surgery on his throat, so apparently he breathes through his throat with a tube)

then, i heard a tall english man. i realised he was there the whole time i was there. he then told my uncle that the man was there for about 20 mins already. apparently, he was standing in line behind the man when they were at the immigration counter.

then a group of pilots walked by and spoke in chinese. THEY DIDNT HELP THE POOR MAN. they just told the sale promoters what to do ( call the doctor etc).


such a bitch, they went off.

around 15 mins later, the nurse woman came with the electric jumpstart thing that saves people's life.

and i had to go away to catch our plane. i really wanted to stay there.

it was a shock to everyone there. it shocked me for the whole flight home ;|


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