Tuesday, November 10, 2009

benny fabulous 16

it was at night and i went to brenda's hse before going to ben's. everybody was there except pat. :( she was going to meet us at ben's. then, i curled yee ling's hair. haha. she looked really nice and her hair is SO freakin' nice. like seriously. haha. 
then, brenda's dad sent us to ben's. her house is SO freakin' huge and she has a freakin' JACUZZI on the third floor. her house is near edmund's.
then, we reached and found out it was ben's sweet 16. omfg!
we were all underdressed and we didnt get him anything!
so sad... 
srry ben! we'll get u smth! promise!
i had fun and he has a freakin' karaoke room okayyyy!
oh gosh!
then my mum went to edmund's house cuz she thot ben was him. 
hahhahaha. luckily their houses are near to each other. 
if not mati laaaa...


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