Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to relax. OR PARTY? :D

The end of CBL is finally here! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I know right? It's finally here. The time to relax. Well, it's not exactly the end as i still have "peer review" and "reflection" to cover. And i thought that the physics exam was already over. ;p Approximately 47 minutes from now, i will be walking out of this classroom knowing that tomorrow i would be in the first class, together with them again. :D Well, almost. *yeeling is currently enjoying herself in the US*

Hmm, i haven't updated in a while and im sorry lah. It's just that i've been really lazy these past few weeks. *scratch that, MONTHS! D; So yeah, a lot of things have happened since i've last blogged. *the continuation of farah's post on CBL does not count. I went for my freaking first expedition in my life. GOLD! It was goooooooood. I met new people there. Haha. It was fun sailing too. OH, ANGEL AND I WON THE REGATTA! Heeee. :D

Another thing that happened was uh, Ben's birthday party and Dress day. Haha. Dress day was funnnn. We ate a lotta lotta food. Like, imgoingtopukeanytime a lotta food. Literally. When i was laughing with Brenda i sorta felt stuff being forced out of my throat. But then i stopped laughing la of course. We switched dresses with each other like gazillions of times but it was fun. It was weird too how like everybody could fit each others dresses.

I am currently addicted to The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Gossip Girl. I am not kidding. Im watching Eastwick too, but it kinda freaks me out and its hard to get addicted to it when i feel that way. o.O I oni watch it if someone is skyping with me or when brenda comes over.

Oh, for the last part of the post, my wish for this holiday; have a shopping day, sleepovers, go for a holiday, catch up with ppl i have not catched up with in a long time and urmmmm, i have yet to think about more things!

Trish. :)

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