Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yesterday was AAR's concert!! it was at bukit jalil stadium and it was free standing so i had to go there early. Leng was supposed to go with me but she had no transport =( so i wanted to go with ardi. His hp battery died so i couldnt contact him and find him in the ocean of screaming AAR fans! I reached the stadium at around 3.30 pm. I met Jullya and her 2 friends Dickson and Michelle if i am not mistaken. Jullya and Michelle were already there since 1 pm so they were right in the front of the line. Dickson arrived later. So both of us stood/squat outside the "cage" under the umbrella Dickson was holding. We were becoming secondhand smokers. Many people were smoking there despite the lack of oxygen. How inconsiderate =.= Oh yeah! before i forget. Jullya and Michelle went t0 pavilon to meet and greet AAR! How lucky. I couldnt go as we had our IU day. Okay back to the situation in Bukit Jalil. The gate opened at 5pm. The guards only allowed a small group to enter 1st then another small group and another to avoid chaos. Me and Dickson cut in the line =). After some time, Dickson's friends arrived. They ran a BIG round around the stage just to get to us and climb over the "cage walls". There was this annoying guy who stood beside me. He kept talking nonsensical stuff thinking that he's the greatest person in the world i suppose.

We finally got in!! Ben and kedd came to find me. bla bla bla. waiting and stuff. Malaysian bands started playing 1st. The guy in a cap behind ben was jumping for the whole show. After many hours, finally AAR came out! Tyson was soo sexy with the native american hat on his head. so cute <3 but he was so skinny! I could see his ribs and Jullya was looking at his nipples! hahaha. He was wearing a singlet. When they started playing My Paper Heart, i thought of ardi. Cuz i knew its his fave song.

Irsan Ardiansyah Ikhsan Omg sorry. My phones battery died, it's still dead... Oh well. Omg my paper heart was my favorite part! Yours?

this can be seen on my fb wall. The whole concert was awesome although i didnt get to enjoy it with my leng leng who was with me when i went for my 1st ever concert. FAHRENHEIT!!

bye all!

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