Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday TFN and Amirul!

Happy Birthday to both of you! Its quite sad as Feon-Na is not with us to celebrate her birthday as sh is currently in China. Lets all spam the chatbox in this blog!

Happy birthday!!

Okay, now back to today's day in school. As usual we had CBL and we got our CAE results. I will not tell you if i passed or fail =P. CBL today was slumer-ish just like yesterday. but, something TERRIBLE happened! I was writing in my personal diary when i accidentally undo-ed too much and my whole post got deleted! It was almost done la! and it took about 30 minutes to write that! and guess what. it was damn long too. it was 3.30 pm ngam ngam when the incident happened. I felt like OMG!!! and becaused i was pissed, i kinda shouted at edmond and Yoong Wei .

Message to EDMOND YEONG and CHUA YOONG WEI!: Im so sorry! =(.

I managed to retype the whole text in 15 minutes but of course the length this time was shorter than the 1st. Okay I think I'm done blogging for now.


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