Sunday, November 15, 2009


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We had steamboat yesterday at Yee Ling's house. And we made up a dress code to make it more 'funner' and everyone was wearing a dress. hahaha. 
We ate steamboat, played dress ups, karaoke-ed and pictures pictures pictures. 
hahah. it was so fun and feon-na was missing! she's coming back frm china today and she is really going to help me with the whole cbl thing. 
Yee ling's off to the u.s today. have fun yee ling!
we love you!
before yee ling's thing, i went to sch for the primary year end concert.
i tell you. i have been in cempaka my whole life, i think this year's primary concert was the best!
it was so freakin' awesome.
the theme, the sound effects, performances. 
mucho perfecto.
then! i found out that the board were given duties on that day when i saw jiha and bryan.
i felt so bad cuz i could have helped and no one informed me.
i guess i wasnt around during morning meeting on friday. 
then, after yeeling's, went home and found out im going out again.
so my family and i went to the gardens bought 2012 tics for today and karaoke-ed.
hahahaha. it was so fun and i was so tired. 
plus, i didnt see vik's face the whole day and i missed him. 

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