Sunday, October 4, 2009

lantern fest!

since sy's one was mooncake festival, i shall name mine as lantern!
This year's mooncake festival was quite a fun one, coz the party was at my very own house! It was a really last minute thing, and there were no adults at all =) (except my parents). All guests are my lil cousins! Coz one of my aunt went overseas and the other had a wedding dinner to attend. So they left their kids at my house around evening(assuming my place's a nursery... pfft) till 11+.

Once they reached, we went shopping for junk food at Giant. They were so chaotic and noisy because two of the youngest ones were fighting over the baby seat of the trolley. So FINE I let them take turns, which means I have to carry and switch them around every now and then when one of them complained: " mei mei sit for a long time already!"

When we finally finished shopping, we went to the counter to pay. The lady cashier looked at us, then at my mum, then at us again. That was when this conversation took place:

Lady: Wua, semua perempuan ke?
Mum: Ya la. Semua anak saya. *giggles*
Lady: Semua serupa lah. Muka sama je...

After that, we got home and I kept them busy wif toys and barbie dolls. Just so that they won't bug me...hehe

oh one more thing, they LOVE to be on camera. When i took the 1st pic, they immediately+automatically+willingly posed for the 2nd. HAHAHAHAHA

While they were playing, my mum came in suddenly to vacuum my room. And look at one of their respond...

see that vacuum thingy?

awww... i felt bad for taking pics instead of comforting her. She wasn't crying btw, she was scared=) But ofc i went and hugged her soon enough.

Ok let's skip to the lantern & candles part. Not much to say, but i have pictures!

P.S. one thing that i like abt this pic is>>mei yeen's face is blurred!

highlight of the night! =)

hope y'all enjoy your mooncake festival too!

wei yeen

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