Saturday, October 3, 2009

kittens! :O

Got woken up this morning by a FEW people. D;< Anyway, later i was upstairs reading a magazine and skyping when my maid knocked on my room door. "Pattttt, ada kuuu chinggg. bayyy beee. *with her slang." Then i was like, o.O huh? maneeee? She said it was in the store room. So, i went downstairs to have a look. There were 3 little kittens! :O Two white, one grey-ish white. They're really small. They haven't even open their little eyes. I took photos. :D

this one is the only one which could walk.

it was meow-ing. :D

Chinese kittens. Haha.


Ps : I don't read chinese newspapers. Actually newspapers in general. :P

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