Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncake Festival =D

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Today is mooncake festival. I celebrated it with my family including my grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins. I was studying bio halfway in the house when my aunt ask me to go ot to help her light the lanterns and decorate the garden. I lighted the candles and the wax was burning my skin. But i didn't mind. I was having fun. My other 2 siblings were in the comp room with my cousin (i dont know what they were doing). Had mooncake and dinner. The following dialogue took place.

(Shuk Khuan was peeling the skin off the mango like a noob)
Kai Mah: Shuk Khuan! Why you eat the mango like that?
Shuk Khuan: You la! Why you cut the mango like that? Where got people cut mango don't peel the skin??
Kai Mah: (guilty face and pushes the blame to my other aunt) You ask your ka mou la. (then walks off)

Here are a few pictures i took after decorating the garden with candles and lanterns.

the lanterns were hung on the clothes hanging thingy

candles on the side of the flower pots

i saw this weird plant in my aunt's house. looks like chicken butt.

cute right?

i put this candle here. its soooo cute among the bonsais

the food =) mooncake, yam, buffalo horn thingy and pomello (i dont know how to spell it)

more food. watermelon, mango and tea.

my kai mah eating mango

the buffalo horn thing. it looks like a bull's face if you look at it closely

my dad said the buffalo horn thingy is a moustache. so he's wearing it

my sister wants a pic too. but the thing was sooo smelly. it seriously smells like drain...

the paper burning in the red tong. the smoke went in my eyes and made me cry.

I hope everyone enjoyed the festival =) i know jiams and ivanna didnt though.


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