Saturday, October 3, 2009


i woke up today at 9, washed up, and it was 9.30 already. wanted to find smth in the kitchen to eat.
then i friggin realised that my mum told me last week that i needed to take a BLOOD TEST next saturday (TODAYY) with leon. grr. cos they went for a blood test the previous week and got leon and i some good deal for blood tests and other tests.
so that means i CANT HAVE MY BREAKFAST. arghhh. so i woke up leon so that i can get the BLOOD TEST done earlier so that i can have my breakfast :D.
thank god, leon was somehow awake at 9.30! he got ready and we reached the pathlab slightly before 10. filled in our particulars in a form.
she then gave us a bottle for the urine test. thats when i went,
------i dont wanna talk about what happened after that------

okay, by the time i was done with that. i saw leon in a little section of that lab place sitting down with a lady beside him. that lady was taking his blood already. his took kinda long time.
i asked leon whether it hurt?
in my head it was like wthwthwthwthwthwth. why the hell am i taking this?
NEXT, it was ME!
i walked to that lady and she put on a strap slightly above my elbow part. she tightened it alittle arm was let to rest on this cushion which was kinda hard. and then she asked me to stiffen my hand by gripping my fist. she used her fingers to gently poke my smollet (hehe. i looked up that word in urban dictionary) its that sensitive area in between your inner joint of your elbow/knee. i love pushing wei yeen's smollet, it makes her fall, haha.
okay. then, she tried poking my smollet with her fingers lah. i knew she was finding for my vein.
i asked, ''u tengah cari vein saya ke?''
she replied, ''ya. tunggu kejap''.
so okay lah. i wait lah. she still couldnt find it. so she removed the strap and tried the same thing on my right hand. and yes, she couldnt find it also. then leon saw what was happening.
he was like , '' HAHA. u too fat lah.''
-______- so i looked at the lady. she went inside a room and called for a chinese man which looks like a real doctor lah.
man : uhh. u relax okay? *fixes the pillow that i was leaning on my back*
me : uhh. okayyy. i am lah
man : *puts on the strap on my hand and pulls HARD* (it was kinda tight. much tighter than how the lady did it)
me : *just sit there staring at him while he tried feeling my smollet with his fingers*
man : okay. *grabs cotton wool and pours some liquid which looks like water*
me : omg. u wanna poke now? so fast u found it?
man : yeaa. just dont look ahhh
me : errrr. okay. *i felt kind scared lah. like wth so fast. he prolly tried feeling my smollet once only*
man : *removes plastic cover and pumps the air out of the syringe and pokes my smollet*
me : *felt a slight tinge of pain*
man : okayy.and youre done. please press here. * sees my blood in the syringe. it looks so dark*
me : WHAT? done already? *presses the small cotton thing on my smollet*
man : yeapp. *seals the thing with a strip of tape*
me : *walks out feeling relieved*

heheheehheehehe. it didnt hurt much.
when i saw leon i was like ''wth . it didnt hurt lah.''
leon : ehhhh. mine hurt like shit okay. and it still does.
me : mine feels itchy.
leon : must be that lady. it hurtsssssssss.
me: HAHAHAHAHAHAH. u loser!
mum : yeah. dont u remember whenever i pop his pimple he would scream.
me : yessss.

okay so that all. the thing is slightly bumpy like a mosquito bite. but it does have a tiny red dot on it and it hurts a little when i press it. leon's looks scary. it looks like pus-y pimple. yerhhh.

okay . byeeee.
btw, i found a sad video. kinda nice


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