Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy! <3

Today is my mum's birthday =D. My bro, sis and I made a cake for her. Coffee cake! but it kinda wrecked la. It was supposed to have 3 layers with the cream in between but....the end product was 1 thick layer with cream on top. but the taste not bad la.hehe. We made the cake when my mum was at the office with dad and cousin yesterday. started at around 8.30pm and finished at about 10.30pm. Mum came back at 11.30pm. i was supposed to prevent mum from opening the fridge cuz the cake was in there. at 12 am. my bro "kidnapped" mum and bring her to the table and i carried the cake out. Sk was playing the piano. Then mummy started crying. She was too touched. it was soo funny cuz her make up smeared :P.

here is the pic of the memalukan cake. it seriously looks weird. my mum thought the choc on the cake looks like tulisan jawi. My sis decorated it. i was learning sej while making the cake. called my bro nabi muhammad cuz of his gentleness while making the cake.
thats all from me.

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