Saturday, May 19, 2012


i've never posted anything for a really long time and all the others started posting so i thought it is about time for me to start posting something. anyway, my life has been super different for the past 5 months, i went off to scotland, started living on my own here. and, whoa. i learnt alot. i learnt so much that i didnt even realize time was passing so fast. 

but, so far, life has been good, it has not been the worst, i guess but, whatever happens, happens. thank god, ive been alright and everyone around me seems fine, but i can really tell we all miss our old days in school. this is the second year we are away from each other. and, i guess, we have grown our separate ways but, i am really glad we still talk to each other all the time. the others had been really busy with studies. i've been really busy with assignments. i really cant wait to be home soon. hot weather. yay -_-. its really windy here. two words to describe scotland, WET and WINDY. that is not a very good combination. 

so, anything interesting that happened to me lately?
well, nothing much. i feel pretty much like a loser everyday. AHAHA. but, i'm getting to like myself. 
okay, what was i talking about again? 

oohhh. so, to wei yeen, pat, shuk, farah, brenda, yee ling, leng. we probably have spent most of our everydays with other people and never really got to talk in person or do everyday stuff together but i'm glad to call you all my best buddies forever! YEAH! *throws hand in air* okay. im weirding myself out. EHEHHEHE. gotta go for dinner. 


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  1. hahahaha. na you're so funny. gosh i miss you. you're like one of the weirdest among all of us. gah! im happy for you :) -farah-