Thursday, May 10, 2012



It's like 2am and i'm so tired. I just went through our blog. Well, not exactly everything but i started at the beginning! The poem post is funny. I never realised how good our poems were until now. :P And there were a few posts where I actually giggled. Especially Feon's posts. Gah, you guys should take a trip back to memory lane soon too. And, we should revive this blog! It has so many memories in it.

Prom '10

I added this photo cause all of us look nice. And it's so hard to find recent nice photos of all 8 of us. Which is so sad. :(

Good luck to Farah, Shuk Yin and Ee Leng for your upcoming A2! <333333
And to everyone else who's sitting for A2 as well! All the best!

Can't wait for June/July when everyone is free and back! Bonding time pleaseeeeeeeeee.

Ps. I love you.     Hahahaha, no I'm kidding. I just couldn't resist. What I was supposed to say was that I changed the blog skin. Very lazily. This time is memang in blogger. Hahaha. But I was getting tired of the orange.


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