Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm pretty bad at titles. Haha.

So I was reading our past posts and realised the last time I actually blogged was about my first day at college. Which was really really long ago. More than a year :O Now I'm almost done with my first semester in uni, and finals in 2 weeks! Time flies.

The scary thing about time is that, it changes people. I think I'm different now. I feel different. I act different. I think differently too. I'm not sure if these differences are good or bad, but I hope I would eventually change for the better.

Here's a list

1. I cry very easily during movies now. I never used to cry in movies, because I think movies exaggerate. I didn't even cry watching The Notebook. A Walk to Remember, maybe just a bit? Didn't cry watching Koizora either. Remember how you girls always say I have a cold heart? Hahahaha.

2. I don't mind watching horror. Last time, I couldn't even take it when Farah tell her horror stories. It's like, "Girls do you wanna hear this scary story?" Me: *run*

3. I started putting on make up! Okay this is probably just a part of growing up and is definitely a normal change. Hahahaha.

4. I'm turning lame. Much, much, MUCH worse than before. I know its annoying to some people, but I just can't resist at times.

5. Clubbing. I used to be very against clubbing, I don't think I've told you about this before, but yeah. Now I actually find it fun. I'm still against smoking though. I will never date guys who smoke. NEVER. Guys if you are reading this, put that stick down and start living a healthy life.

6. Swearing and PMS. Swearing is bad, I know. Will work on it and stop. As for pms, I NEVER HAD PMS LAST TIME OKAY. Now my emotions fluctuate like a sin/cos graph with huge amplitudes. I can get really hyper, but most of the time I get depressed for no reason. Then I'll start ranting to shuk. Poor girl. Hahahahaha.

7. Studies. This is at least 90% why I'm so mad at myself these days. Yet I'm doing nothing to change it. I've been skipping lectures and classes, not bothered to do homework, easily distracted when the tutor is talking and doing assignments few days before it is due. I don't know why, I'm not motivated to study anymore. I've had this problem ever since uni started. I know its bad to be slacking, but even the thought of failing is not pushing me to study.

8. Last but never least, I'll never look at relationships the same way anymore. Period.

P.S. I wanted to have a cheerful post initially, but I'm tired of smiling and saying I'm fine.

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  1. sin/cos graph! hah you so funny! well i smoke. and i thank you for accepting me as who i am. and obviously you have changed for the better and im sure many people including me are proud of you. well done. :) much love from me. -farah-