Monday, May 14, 2012

My thoughts

Gosh, i really dont know how to start.
Here goes...

Its not about what people want from you. Its about what you want to do and when you're happy doing it, you share it with the people you love. If they're not happy with it, its their problem. You tried your best, you worked hard. If the outcome is what you think is shit, then its not your fault because its your own effort

Pressure is good and it keeps you going and working

Dont complain when gaining knowledge otherwise the knowledge won't sink in

You set a goal, go for it! If you've worked hard, tried your best, didnt achieve what you wished for that's perfectly okay because you learned a lot during the process and life goes on so you can always set a new goal and try harder at your own pace.

No matter whatever the situation is, do not lose yourself.

The only person who can help you is yourself.

You're happy when you choose to be happy

Sometimes you just need to go away and breathe a new air. There are many things you can do in this world.

It's okay not to be okay. Keep calm and carry on.

No one is ever ready for their papers even me.

Just keep working and do your best. 

Well done on making it this far. You did a great job.

Follow your heart because your heart beats for you and it knows you best and what's best for you.

Well anyway, enough with that now. I have finally sorted my universities out. Initially I received 4 conditional offers from UCL, Newcastle, Nottingham and Bath. I had trouble choosing which ones as my firm and insurance choice. Spoke to my parents and tutors about it and finally I made up my mind. I am taking Newcastle as my firm and Nottingham as my insurance. Why? Because initially I wanted to go to Newcastle because I like the campus university and the living cost is not that high and since I want to do engineering, Nottingham uni is an engineering school so there you go. I know its a bit of a bum i turned UCL down but I have a feeling that I won't be happy studying there for more than 2 years because the living expenses are ridiculous, its not a campus university so you wont get a proper university experience and pressure. It is a good university because of its reputation and ranking but i want to be in an environment where i know i can study better and happier and i can gain knowledge better for future use instead of being too academic and in the end its just about the grades.
Other than that I have some experiences that I'd love to share but will do when I see my girls. ;) 

Farah Alya Ali

ps. These are just my thoughts and I'm not wrong having them in my mind

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