Monday, May 14, 2012

skydiving :D

This convo just happened between me and Wei Yeen on whatsapp :D

WY: Every stupid thing is fascinating when you're studying
ME: Yes yes. Even the clouds omg. I was having a cloud moment this morning.
WY: The clouds are nice today! Its like. Fluffy!
ME: I was thinking what shape the cloud is. I saw a human sliding and a forever alone face but the cloud was fading the longer i stared at it. Then i was thinking what if i fell through the clouds. How would it feel? Then the thought trailed on....
WY: I think you'll get all wet.
ME: Like how's thee feeling. Do I fall faster/slower? Turbulence?
WY: I remember watching cartoons with people sitting on clouds, jumping from one to another.
ME: Yes yes! We should skydive one day! Through a cloud :)
WY: Yess!! But can we breathe? Its like, so high up.
ME: Ahahaha. I don't know. I hope so. I think can la. People skydive all the time. Maybe we need a O2 tank! Aahahhahaha
WY: OMG AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! If we carry an O2 tank we'll fall faster. Heavier weight.
ME: Ahahah. Funner. Fall faster. The thrill! Maybe a small one la. Cuz we won't be so high for too long. Acceleration at 9.81 m/s.
WY: Then from the sky it'll bring us deep down into the ocean. Continue scuba diving.
ME: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Parachute la!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA This convo is getting funny!
WY: You started with the O2 tank! We could use the tank underwater.

have a great day! :) girls, we do need to skydive into a cloud. and scuba dive :D



  2. we can go sunway and bungee jump! did you guys watch my bungee jump vid on facebook? :D its really fun! lets go lets go! :D