Sunday, January 24, 2010

xiao mei!

HELO. wow. its been almost a week since this blog has been updated.

haha. anyway, today when i was about to start on my homework, my little cousins came.
there were 3 of them ; a boy who is 11. 2 girls who were 10 and 6.

the 6 year old one started playing with all my soft toys and started talking to them, making up stories and names for them. hahaha. shes so cute. i took a video of her. shes pretty hamsap for a six year old. btw, i call her xiao mei. pat said she looks like a lamb last time. *i changed it already, pat*

she likes betty boop. YES. betty boop! as in betty in red with BIG boobs. this is a picture of her discovering betty's boobs :|. when she saw betty boop up in a cupboard, she instantly grabbed it. then she looked at betty's top and said ''WUA. ce, look LOOK! hehe.'' *pulls down betty's dress, exposing the boobs* this is a picture of her discovering betty's boobs and pointing them to me :|.

sorry! u need to rotate your head. i couldnt rotate it.
these are videos of her playing with the toys.

she said 'THAI SAM!'' which i didnt understand at first. then later my mum told me it meant bra. HAHAHA.

btw, she has a boyfriend. this is how i knew.
xiao mei's 10 year old sister : xiao mei got boyfriend.
me : WHAT? boyfriend?
*looks at xiao mei and realises shes smiling at me cheekily*
me : xiao mei, u got boyfriend ah?
xiao mei : yes. *smiles shy-ly*
me : wua. so fun. whats his name?
xiao mei : brandon cham.
me : Oo. how old is he?
xiao mei : same as me. 6 years old.
me : wua. mummy knows this anot?
xiao mei : yes, everyone knows.
me : ohhhh. u love him ah?
xiao mei : yesss. *smiles*

then, xiao mei's mum (my aunt) joins in.
aunt : ask her when shes getting married.
me : when u getting married?
xiao mei : i dont know :)
aunt : tomorrow or next month?
xiao mei : next month.


after that, she whispered to me.
xiao mei : xiao mei love brandon cham. hehe.

i seriously dont know whether it was serious.


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