Monday, January 11, 2010

birthday gurl ahahaha

hallooo! hi hi hi.
omggg its been so long since i blogged! shytes!
i love my gang!
u know what they did today! they surprised me w a birthday cake! 
well i was half surprised thanks to feon-na!!!!!!
she freakin' spoiled the surprise.
they are, pat leng yee ling shuk na brenda wei yeen , truest bestest friends in the whole wide world. always there for me and when ever each of us have a birthday, there's always surprises. 
true friends.. true friends.
and shuk called me 12 sharp last night and wished me happy birthday and told me she loves me.
awwwwhhh. shuk is like the sweetest living thing on earth! i love you too!
and and thank you so much people for wishing me!
vik was the first one to wish me.
i actually forgot that it was my birthday til he wished me.
and after some time, he called me back while i was replying people's messages,
with a sad tone he said, happy half a year baby, i love you...
omggggggggg i totally forgot! haih haih. im sorry honey happy half a year!

anyways, i didnt blog in december cuz vik was around and i didnt wanna blog cuz i could do it after he's gone.
it was an amaazing month. we spent everyday of the month together and it was freakin' awesome.
he left yesterday afternoon ;''''( so sad.
i miss him so much. like seriously
im devastated.

anyways, i shifted house just a min away frm the old one. 
hah. i know.
so i dnt have internet yet but maxis broadband-my dad's
everyone's using it in the house!
i wanna buy my own one.

oh last thing. 
i always update my iPhone calendar right..
the sch's planner i typed in already. 
so on the 11th(today) i didnt type anything. 
and u know what!
vik secretly typed in notes under the 11th of january with the title 'happy birthday my darling'. so sweet!
under the notes he said all the sweet things and all that. haih
so sweet right.
the sweetest thing. 

oh and yee ling, pat , na gave me birthday gifts.
yee ling and pat gave me a La Senza laced thongs.
its black and i tried it on just now. its so damn nice and sexay!
thanks girls! i love you
and na gave me a topshop necklace. very very pretty and green!!! my fav colour.

2010 is a busy busy busy year. imma have to brace myself. wakakakaka


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