Monday, January 4, 2010

first day!

today was the first day of school!
it was good to be back.
saw the same old people, teachers, cleaner aunties, pn aimi etc.

nobody has time to update the blog cos we are all busy with bm homework.
i knowww, its only the first day and so many homework already.

this is what we mostly hear in the chat :

komsas homework need to leave a page ah?

who got printer? WHO GOT PRINTER?

who can help me print my mindmap?

whos done with komsas?

WHAT? no more ink?

omg. need to adjust the mindmap. how to adjust?

oh crap. i realised i dont have a komsas reference book!

haha. im glad im done with it :D

good night.
hope u all can finish all your homework by tonight :)

bye bye.


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