Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bad eyelashes.


It has been awhile since i last updated this blog. I apologize to all stfu readers. There was not much to blog about. Everyday was like everyday. Nothing much happens. Its like class starts at 8 am and ends at 3.30 pm. Both Wei Yeen and I head to the CPAC floor with Ivanna and Edward after school for CVIC practices and we all leave at 5 pm. Sometimes Ivan leaves earlier and Edward left at 4.30pm yesterday. Come back from school, skype+dinner+bathe+homework+more skype and then its bedtime. This is the routine for us every single day. Nothing much happens. Okay back to the topic.

Yesterday, I had a prickling feeling in my right eyeball. Guess what? My eyelash went into it AGAIN. I have no idea how many times it wants to get stuck in the corner of my eye. I tried removing it with my fingers and water but it didn't work. Next, I used eyemo! and yes it came out. BUT i could still feel the prick. I suspected there was another one inside and yes i was right again. 2!! after the second one was removed, the prickly feeling was still there. OMG! imagine having 3 eyelashes stuck in the corner of your eye!!! I used a lot of eyemo again but this time it didn't come out till this evening. I couldnt take it anymore and asked help from my sister. She has removed my eyelash from inside my eye before so she could do it again. The last time she did it, she used her freakishly LONG nails. This time, my mum was there and told her to NOT use her nails. She used a cotton bud to poke my eye a few times till it came out like FINALLY! She told me "See! Who ask you to have such long eyelashes?? This is the bad thing about having them" and I was thinking "and wy wants them =.="



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