Saturday, January 16, 2010

birthday, me 17.

So, yesterday was my birthday and hell yes, it was awesome. ;p the night before at about 11.59pm as i was listening to my iPod, yeeling called. While i was on the phone with her, shuk called and i picked up. When i clicked the green button and said hello, she din answer me, so i thought i din click it and clicked the green button again. Then, i said hello and i heard leng's voice. I was like, o.O wada..? so i looked at my phone and i saw shuk's call on hold. Hahaha. Sorry shuk! :D Shuk called again and while i was on the phone with her, feon-na called and when i was on the phone with feon-na, brenda was on call waiting. So it was a pretty funny night. Anddd, thankyouuu guys/girls*weiyeencoughcough* soooooooo much! i love you people to bits! <3<3

Ohoh, so on friday right, i was waiting for school to end so badly. Like on the last period of class i was already looking at my watch every 2 mins. Okayokay, im exaggerating. About every 10 mins or so la. Haha. I just wanted to get out of class already and i had no idea wht was going on okay. When Ms. Jo said "class stand, thank you class" and right after we thanked her, i literally shouted, YAYYY! And then! The door opened and all my favourite ppl came in with a cake! No, not an ordinary cake. It was a cake made up of slices of different cakes! *HOWKOOLZIZZHATZ?!* i know right. HAHAHA. I was like, ;OOOOOOO (literally). THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! :D hehe.

After that, i got ready for dinner with family! We headed to Souled Out and then to Envy Club. Hehe. It was awesomeeee too. Oh, Selviah was there too. Hehe. The food at Souled Out is pretty nice. :D And, thank you, maaaaaaa! <3 xx love you. :)

Last week, i went for my birthday dinner too! Hehehe. This was with my uncle and aunty. We went to Bon-Ga, Solaris. Haha, i know, Solaris again. But it was still awesome. The food there was yummm. Andddd, i saw two cute waiters. And by cute, i do not mean ugly but adorable. As in like good looking and sexy. HAHA. Thank youuuu, pakpak and pakleong! <3

OHOH, altogether i've had 3 birthday cakes! Hehehe. Yeap, that means three wishes! Hope they come true. :D *yes, chunkeat, i bet you're dying to make some smart comment. but i dont care. :P* Boy am i lucky or wht? :P

OHOH! Andddd, i also got presentsssss! Yayyyy. Hahaha.
Thank You :-
Ma for the necklace!
Granny for the dress!
Feon-Na and Brenda for the hairbrush!
Yee Ling for the Coach wristlet!
Ivan for the necklace!
Ching Xong for the shirt!
Edward for the soft toys, handmade card and handmade green hanging thingy which i dont know wht its called!
Selviah for the dress!
Chun Keat for the chocolate you sat on and was given to by your sister!
Wilbur korkor for the 7-up revive! - - hahaha.
Crystal jiejie for the card flown from Perth. and the present that i should be receiving soon! HAHA.
Angel, Brenda, Ching Xong, Suresh, Ardi, Edmond, Ben, Feon-Na, Farah, Yee Ling, Ranil, Shuk Yin, Edward, Ivan, Wei Yeen, Ee Leng and Chun Keat for the awesomeawesome cake!


ps; i iz officially seventeenz. ;O



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