Monday, January 10, 2011

i was a lost kid today

College Day 1.

I got really nervous last night, wondering what lies ahead for me on the first day of college. All I know is, no one goes there. Great. I reached the campus at 8.30am, coz registration starts from 9-10. I was glad that I'm early, but then I regret. It took less than a minute for me to register! So I have 1 hour of nothing to do. I sat on a bench near the main entrance, watching people go by. Everyone were gathered in groups, chatting away with their friends. I tried looking for someone as lost as I am, hoping to make friends with them. But all I saw was a few guys looking dull and emo, who doesn't seem approachable. Then I remembered the bridge connecting the campus directly to the shopping centre. It was just a 5 minutes walk, and I spent nearly half an hour there, while talking on the phone with feon-na.

10am. Typical orientation, where they introduce who the heads are, then the clubs and societies available, briefing and briefing and briefing. I sat next to 2 other girls, who were talking non-stop to each other. On my other side was a couple, but nahh, wouldn't wanna interfere with them. So I picked the 2 girls, and we talked throughout the orientation in the hall. They came alone too, like me, and both of them were friends on today itself. One of them looked like Veronica, and the other looked like Amanda Tiew. Okay, I have 2 friends now. Not too bad. At the end of it, only we found out that all 3 of us are taking different pre-u programmes! We laughed and said goodbye, and so its down to zero again.

My next session was at 1pm, and it was only 11+ when it ended. I wandered around the campus blindly, not knowing where to go, and expecting that I'll be having lunch alone. It wasn't long till I hear someone said "hi wei yeen". I looked up, it was LEE XUEN! I was so relieved on the spot. He's taking A-levels there. So I spent my whole lunch hour with him, walking around the shopping centre. Apparently he knows the place well, and he even brought me to the hall for my next session. I sat next to a girl named Rachel, and we talked and talked. I looked around and found out that the number of people is much lesser. They already separated the students into their programmes, so everyone in the hall is taking MUFY. (Monash University Foundation Year) After some briefing, they took us on a tour around the library, and the day ended at 2pm.

Conclusion, I made a friend today, she's really nice. And she's taking MUFY too, so hopefully I'll see her around. She's a science student though, sigh. We exchanged our numbers before she left. People at sunway are really nice too. I got lost a couple of times, and if you ask anyone for direction, they would actually walk you there themselves, then only they will head to their own destination. Heh. Bad news? Haven't seen any cute guys. Yet. Hope tomorrow would be better.

I realized something today. I haven't made new friends since std 4! I was with Brenda at first, then the gang just enlarges by itself. There was never a year when I enter the school, not knowing anyone around me. This is pathetic. I miss you girls!!! And the SMC guys too. Looking forward to this coming Saturday, where we'll be meeting up again. :)

wei yeen

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