Thursday, January 6, 2011


okay i am very hungry but i want to finish up the internet first.
so i have told all my friends, SMC boys and STFUGirls inc angel joo kei yitong and avelyn that we should all have twitter(so that everybody knows what everyone's doing) and foursquare(so that everybody knows where everyone is) dwnloaded in their cells. skype is too big and it lags in cells and people often get left behind. facebook is too general and everybody can see. we should all have this (guy gang&girl gang) so that next time when we see each other we wont ask each other "how've you been" as if we were never close friends before. its a sad feeling and i dont want all of us to ever feel that way.
with this also our friendship will forever last tightened and strong. :)

foursquare: my cell number
twitter: @fanineteen

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