Sunday, January 2, 2011

hello 2011!

yes, its 2011 now. it is the 2nd of January of 2011!
i just returned home from sabah yesterday night. and i fell sick. but sabah was good. ate ALOT. explains why i have food poisoning!
great, im sick and i feel nausea most of the time.
luckily, it wont be that bad as shuk and jay will be by my side tomorrow. and she told me that tomorrow is orientation day and theres this thing called ragging happening tomorrow. its a tradition where seniors will bully the juniors or freshman. oh gosh, hope nothing bad happens tmrw.
hope college is just as nice as school. yes, I MISS SCHOOL. in school, u know everyone and we are comfortable with everything.
oh, and when i enter my college tmrw, its my first time stepping in to that college. i have never been in it before. i have not even registered into that college too. u see how planned my future is? ;D
okay, i feel really sick now. i need a nap. oh yeah. i watched this movie called the good guy. it was kinda nice. i love bryan greenberg. hes the good guy in the movie. and there is a bad guy too. that was scott porter. hes cute too. but not as cute as bryan. and alexis bledel is the main actress. shes beautiful. okay. i think i need my nap. i cant even talk for long without feeling like im gonna vomit.
okay. take care! will blog about first day of college tmrw. OMG COLLEGE!



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