Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Day Of College.

Today was the first day of college. Me, Na, Jay and Yung Chan are in MCKL. We're lucky that we actually have each other :) Today was tiring thanks to the Treasure Hunt. We were super sweaty and sticky. My favourite part of today was lunch time when we went to Timesquare to meet up with Brenda and Yee Ling :D Its so nice to see them again. But when we had to leave it was quite sad. You know the feeling when you hug someone and you don't want to let go? Yeah, that was what it was like.

I really miss all of you Cempakans :) Especially STFU girls and SMC guys. It felt quite weird without your presence. In Cempaka we were the seniors and we ruled the school! (hell yeah!) Today, we were the freshmen. Weird, yes, but we'll get used to it. :)

Good Luck to those starting college soon and also to those going for NS :)


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