Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, as of yesterday I am officially eighteeeeen yo. Joining Farah in the club. :P Had all my close friends and cousins with me yesterday at Federal Hill for a luau themed pool party. It was auhshome. :D The food was realllly goood. (thank you andrew korkor and alysa jiejie for that. hehe) Okay, so this is what I did yesterday. Woke up at 12smthpm, had to go to tesco to buy groceries (for home). Got back at 3pm and was freaking starving cause I hadn't had anything to eat since I woke up. As soon as everything was shifted from the car to the house, I rushed upstairs and packed my stuff. Got some stuff to eat then off to Federal Hill. Yeeling, Feon-Na and Brenda had already reached the place at 3msth 4.

In the car-
Wilbur korkor: PAT! Did you bring the cake?
Me : Oh, shit! waitwait. *calls ben - "Bennnnnn, can you do me a favour? :)"
(thanks bennybenben :P)

Reached the place and went to the poolside area. We started decorating and stuff. Slowly, more and more ppl arrived. The girls and I went to change into our hawaiian-ish baju. The party went on for like 30mins or so and it started raining. BOOOOO. I was like, oh nioooooo. After maybe an hour or 2, it finally stopped. Oh yeah, when it was raining we tried to play a game but it kinda failed (not because of the game itself, Fenoya :P)

Rain stoppped, a bunch of ppl swung me into the pooool! Almost everyone was in the pool after that. Since we were so noisy, the guards received around 22 complaints. Greaaaaat. All of us had to get out of the poool. Sorry guys. Heh.

After cleaning up and everything, it was around 1am. Went to D'Haven's, Bangsar to meet up with Rach, Kris, Sel and Brandon. Left around 2smth 3, came home, opened presents! KO-ed at 5am. Woooooooh, that was awesome. :)

Thank you...
Selina jiejie for the hairdye! <3
Ma,Granny,Pawpaw&Edward korkor for the angpaos! <3
Wilbur korkor for the awesome collage! <3
Andrew korkor&Alysa jiejie for the awesome party! <3
Crystal jiejie,Jay korkor,Little Ryan,Sherwyn korkor&Angeline jiejie for the cameraaa! <3
Rach&Kris for the bag!
Sel for the rings and blouse!
Brenda,Yeeling,Leng,Shuks&WeiYeen for the puzzle!
Feon-Na for the g-string! >)
Farah&Farooq for the blouses!
Vivian for the handmade necklace!
Angel&YoongWei for the bracelet!
ChunKeat for the body care set!
ChingXong for "Reddish Twin"!
Ben,Shahasra,JeongJun,Ranil,ChinChai&Edmond for the body shop set!
Albert,Edward,Suresh&Eugene for "Hornypat"!
Ryan for the Mango tanktop!
Xinyou for the present he forgot to bring! :P
everybody for the coming and the wishes! :)

*took this with my new camera! :)


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  1. i'm glad you had fun... it was indeed a very tiring party... =]