Friday, March 12, 2010

just a post.

hello readers.

I really should be studying now for physics exam tomorrow. Taking a break now. It has been some time since this blog was last updated. I am currently reading about Hooke's Law. It is stated that the extension of the spring is directly proportional to the stretching force acting on it provided the elastic limit has not been exceeded.

Something stupid happened not very long ago...

I was looking for a protractor to be used tomorrow for the physics exam. I entered my brother's room. I knew he had a protractor somewhere hidden in his very extremely messy room. There was a hugeeee lump on his bed. It really looked like a human under the blankets so this was what happened.

me: EU HONG! (i was shouting at the lump on the bed)
Lump: (it was not replying me)
Lump: (still no reply)
me: OIIII!!!
Shuk Khuan: OI! What you doing la?? Eu Hong is outside there sitting la!
me: Whattt??? HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! I thought that was Eu Hong! (pointing to the lump on the bed)
Shuk Khuan: WTH LA!

My brother was sitting outside in the living room just watching me shout at the lump of pillows under the blanket on his bed and DID NOT say anything to tell me he was THERE ALL ALONG! =.= But seriously. That lump really looked like a human under the blanket.

GoodLuck to everyone facing exams =D Last day!!

This is a message to my BELOVED SISTER!

OI WOMAN!! SPM's a bitch. Dont worry about it. You really scared me today =.= Do NOT ever ever ever do that again! You didn't even reply me when I talked to you la!! Like you purposely ignored me but you talked to priya! Anyway, the past is the past. Look forward to the future. This exam may be bad but the next shall be a good one =D. See, I'm using my so-called study time to write a message for you la and I don't know if you're gonna read this. Leave a message in the chatbox if you are reading this =D


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