Saturday, March 13, 2010


swimming gala

wawa's surprise

edmond's open house

mum and dad 18th anniversary

girls day out and PERCY JACKSON

yes hi its me again. i havent blogged like... since i dnt know when!
haha. i have been SO busy nowadays. im starting to do things few days in row straight!
like for example, few weeks ago,
i had edward's open house on thursday night, wawa's surprise party on the next, swimming gala the whole day till 12 midnight the next day and finally wawa's pool party on sunday.
i know right....
godd. and im going around w my chem book.
haha. wanna study and master salts topic.
its been haunting me.
right now, as usual.... CHEERLEADING im digging.
the competition's two weeks from now and we barely did anything.
haih. but its okay cuz we're the MIGHTY BERUANG!
and next week supposed to be a week holiday, but im coming to school everyday!
maybe even saturday. hehe.
OH and SPM results CAME OUT and it totally triggered my semangat to get straight A's.......
so im gonna work very hard and rajinly. God's willing.
OH and u know, my schedule yesterday,
8-3.30pm physics exam
3.30-6pm maths II paper
7.30-10pm chem tuition
12.45-3am alice in wonderland 3D


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