Sunday, February 7, 2010


Janaarthanee has left to Kedah yesterday morning. This message is directed to Jana!

JANA!! You left so quickly I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. ='( You're not even allowed to bring your mac to Kedah and you don't have a phone! How am I supposed to contact you now? Not being able to see your cute face and hear your laughter is such a sad thing. Who's gonna laugh with me as crazy as you do? Your laughter is really one of a kind. NO one can do it better than you. Jullya and Xing Wei misses you like CRAZY as well. You left without a word because of a very stupid reason. I wish I could turn back time to prevent you from leaving! I hate saying goodbyes. Soon, in April, I would have to face another goodbye ='( Why is everyone leaving now? Isn't this year supposed to be the best year for us? You guys are leaving too soon! Please stop leaving. Jana, I really hope you would enjoy yourself in Kedah but please do not forget us here. I LOVE YOU ALOT!! I'm not sure if you would even see this. But if you did, please tell me how to contact you and leave a message in the little chatbox!

i will never forget what we have been through. the ups and the downs. miss you like crazy. come back soon!


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