Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holidays. ahahaha.

hey hey hey. its been awhile since i blogged. 
a lotta things happened since i last blogged. well im just gonna summarize everything. 
i had a CNY performance with Vipers and it was AWESOME. the crowd was CRAZY.
oh and im currently busy with cheer (as usual) and swimming gala transportation. 
oh and yesterday was my parents 18th anniversary! and we're going out tnite for dinner cuz we didnt last night.
and and VIKRAM sent me a bouquet of flowers for valentines. awwwwwww
i received it vday's eve morning and i was like omg omg omg omg omg omg and aww aww aww aww aww. 
everyone's been busy lately. 
my girls and i really really need to gather together and have some fun time together being just US! haha.
oh oh and nadia left to Winnipeg few weeks ago. ;(
so she's in Canada now w her dad. 
its a good thing tho cuz we've been talking alot on skype! hehehe!
exams are coming and ive to STUDY STUDY STUDY. heh. c(;


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