Wednesday, February 24, 2010

flightless bird.

how are u? im good.

anywayyyy. this month had been a busy month. there was Valentines Day! and the badminton match and pavilion after that.
but today, we had YEE SANG! how cool is that?
hahaha. it was fun and by the time everyone took back their chopsticks after mixing, our hands were covered with sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. hahahaa.

okay anyway. i wanted to show u all smth.
about a week ago, i saw ANOTHER baby bird. the exact same species. how do i know that?
well, its because i saw that they had like the same yellow patch at the side of their beak.
okay. so this is what happened. i came home from school. when to the kitchen to get some cereal as i was hungry. when i was about to open the cabinet, i saw smth move at the corner of my eye. of course i instantly looked lah. then i screamed to see what i saw lah. i was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. WTH IS THAT? oh cheh. its a bird. hahaahha.
then i remembered that when i was screaming. i remember the bird hopping back and like chirping so loud. like this:
bird : CHIRPPPPPP! *hops back in fear and stares at me*

HAHAHA. thinking back about it. it was pretty funny.
then i shouted
yani : tadi daddy nampak di luar. dia cakap satu sudah mati. bimbo dan tyson main dengan yang itu. jadi, satu saja tinggal.

so, okay. i tried feeding the bird lah. i took out a piece of bread and tried tearing it to crumbs.
it didnt eat it. so i tried feeding it. as in seriously mouth feed it. it still didnt wanna eat.

so, haihh. i decided to do smth. yes, look at the pic.
i went to find for WORMS! i love that game btw.
me : kak, saya nak cacing untuk burung itu.
yani : saya korek tanah tapi kamu yang ambil. saya tak nak sentuh ah. saya takut cacing.
me : OKAYYY.

okay. i followed her to the garden. then i saw smth move in the ground. i go excited.
i was like CACING!!!!
then i had a clearer view. OMG IT IS NOT A CACING.
me and yani screamt like madddd lah. hahaha.
but how nice of her. she kept cangkul-ing.
and when i saw a worm for real. i grabbed a kitchen towel and used it to hold the worm. brought the worm to the bird.
i used a rubber glove cos it was bloody. yani accidentally cangkul-ed half of the body.

in the end, the baby bird DID NOT EAT THE WORM. ARGHH. after all the fuss.
i kesian it lah. but then i thought. i tried my best to suit its appetite lah :|

btw, smth sadder happened. the next morning, i went to look at it at the kitchen.

it was GONE!
yeah. so, rip bird :(.

and good night to everyone! :)


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