Friday, August 20, 2010

RM700?? hahahahaha

ok so here goes. TM called school and requested for VIPERS cheer team to perform for some ceremony they held at Legend Hotel.
So.... teacher said they'll only be paying us RM30 because we're 'newcomer'. pfft.
then, on the day, we found out TM gave RM700 to our teacher in charged.
I WAS NOT SATISFIED at all because
1) Tuesday: School confirmed with us that we were performing on that Thursday (2days later)
SHE said, "they will only pay rm30 each cuz they said you guys are still 'newcomer'"
lies lies lies lies. hehe.
2) Wednesday: We had our first practice and came up with a new routine. There was 8 of us inc me.
3) Thursday: Performance and money prob. So we found out that we were supposed to have RM87.50 EACH¡
This happened 2 weeks ago and they still havent given us even ONE cent of the money!
I mengamuk la ofcors. One tried to avoid me, another got her own prob. urghhh.
We'll see what happens next cuz this still isnt over!


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