Friday, August 20, 2010

im back! ahahahah

hey ya'll its me again. ive been around but i havent blogged in ages! anyway. ive been uber busy. but always by stfupigsdogfly's side. hahaha. so what have i been doing lately..? hmm. ive been LAZY! omgggg seriously. i need to be serious now! gonna shoot with afiq again for 'all about love part 2'.
u can watch part 1 on my fb profile or youtube :) and there's this merdeka sketch im directing for the prefects board. hope everyone cooperates. AND there's this jawa dance that i need to practice for my performance with afiq. PLUS, world dance day coming soon and i cant wait to SHAKE SOME BOOTY on stage again. hahah just kidding. i just love dancing. :) and my rm700 problem! omgggg. -_- anyway. its few minutes before buka now and i'll blog again. stay tuned for more stfu.pigsdofly! :) seeya! -frh-

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