Monday, December 13, 2010


I just went to Methodist College this afternoon. I just got back actually. The moment I stepped into the college grounds, I felt this sense of leaving high school behind. I was thinking "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?" I really didn't want to leave Cempaka. My brain was just protesting my hands from filling up the application form. I knew once that form was filled up and approved, I will no longer be a high school student anymore. I'll be a student of Methodist College. OMG! WTH?? I still don't want to leave. I know I'll be there with Feon-Na and maybe Wei Yeen? She hasn't confirmed yet but I'll still miss the whole lot of you guys especially STFU girls and SMC guys.

GIRLS! Please promise me that this blog will always be updated even if you're not in Malaysia. Please update about everything. Your life, school, what you eat etc etc I don't care what rubbish or nonsense you write but pleaseee. Don't EVER stop updating this blog.

GUYS! Please continue posting rubbish in your SMC blog even if its porn links or shit. I just wanna know what you guys are up to :) Write every single detail of your new college life!

LASTLY, PLEASE do not ever ever leave the BIG CHAT or even leave it dying. EVER! Just keep typing nonsense in it. I don't even mind if its Shahasra typing "hi you know what? I'm gay." or even using his skills to annoy us. Just don't leave it to die.

i love you guys!

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