Tuesday, December 14, 2010


frh- i just read shuk's post and i feel sad. hermmm.. i never not update this blog. i always update it no matter in how long. anyway im just gonna copy paste my latest blog from tumblr. 

i need to go out and get myself a new macbook charger. motorola razor battery. the charger. a new simcard (maybe not). a movie. a day in sunway lagoon. ice skating in sunway pyramid. a gathering with my girlfriends (na, da, leng, pat, maling, wei yeen, shuk). a prom dress (hmmm.. considering). 

i’m finishing spm this wednesday, EST. kinda nervous for the paper. im doing trial papers for EST as my preparations. this sat doing ielts test and he’ll be away to Kelantan for another edu fair. thursday-sunday. :( this time he’s taking flight cuz im not following. getting the results on 31st. i’ll do my very best. im serious and up for the test. monday is prom and i havent gotten a prom dress yet. havent even bought the tics. be going off for a holiday with family also within that week. then have to come back again to do my visa and get my results. might spend the new years big time. 

after that off for college. and i have a feeling that i’ll be cmg back here in a long long long time. who knows. 

i want to thank my mom and dad for letting me have an awesome memorable weekend by myself. 

i feel as though my time here is very very limited and i need get things done before i go with a calm and satisfied heart. 

cheers :) i love you all. 

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