Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, 20th dec.

Today is Prom day. So here's our plan. Patricia, Yee Ling, Feon-na, Brenda and Angel are going to the saloon for hair+makeup at 2 in sg wang.
Joo Kei, Yi Tong and I will be joining them at 5. 
As for me, I'd probably leave my house after lunch and make my way to Sg Wang with my mom, get my dress from alteration and maybe find some things that i might need for tonight which i'll find out later. After that, meet up with my gang in the saloon and do my hair+makeup. After we're ready we leave from there to SHERATON! 
The next day I might go out. 
Well that's about it. Awesome plan huh. hehehe


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