Saturday, September 4, 2010

you're on the phone.... ahahaha.

yo wuddup. haha. 
anyway i received rm500 from sch. finally!
im satisfied alhamdulillah.
i gave rm400 to yi tong already and im splitting rm100 to 8 of us.
anyway i still have rm330 debt. hmm.
gonna sell the tshirts, get the money and pay up.
i also need to bank in the fees!
urgghhh! not everbody paid already. :(
anyway "imissyousomuch"
my muscles are becoming fats!
and im 45 kg currently. i think. i havent updated.
i lose and gain weight very easily. 
im skyping with pat right now.
omg spm! i am so not prepared. well i strt studying yesterday.
read sejarah on MU.
im doing IRP by myself at home. oh and i cant wait to get back to eating with the gang again after holidays. heh.
k so this is as far as i know. my schedule.
2 weeks raya break. 4 weeks trials. 4 weeks normal lessons (we were supposed to have study leave) then 4 weeks of spm.
im taking 9 subjects.
add maths, chem, physics, sej, bm, eng, est, agama, and maths.
currently my weakest subject is maths.
and the subject that i need to pay a lil more attention to is agama and sej. 

22.11.2010 BAHASA MELAYU KERTAS I      8.00-10.15
                    BAHASA MELAYU KERTAS II     2.00-4.30
23.11.2010 BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS I    8.00-9.45
                    BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS II  10.30-12.45
24.11.2010 SEJARAH KERTAS I                    8.00-9.00
                  SEJARAH KERTAS II                   10.00-12.30
25.11.2010 MATHS I                                      8.00-9.15
                  MATHS II                                    10.00-12.30
29.11.2010 PENDIDIKAN ISLAM I               8.00-10.00
                  PENDIDIKAN ISLAM II              11.00-12.40
30.11.2010 ADD MATHS I                           8.00-10.00
                  ADD MATHS II                            2.00-4.30
01.12.2010 PHYSICS I                                  8.00-9.15
                  PHYSICS II                                   10.00-12.30
                  PHYSICS III                                  2.00-4.30
06.12.2010 CHEMISTRY I                             8.00-9.15
                   CHEMISTRY II                           10.00-12.30
                   CHEMISTRY III                           2.00-3.30
14.12.2010 EST I                                           8.00-9.15
                  EST II                                          11.00-12.00


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