Friday, June 11, 2010

to a special friend on holiday!

Hello readers,

Feon-Na has gone for holiday and will not be back till after the setara examinations. She would not be taking the paper. Seems like a very long time but yet so quick. These days will just fly by. Soon, we'll be seeing her again =D.

To Feon-Na:

Take care and have loads of fun!! We'll take care of all the IU Day stuff here. So don't worry! =D

Sad post:

I just came back not long ago from me great grandma's funeral. I did lots of thinking during the ceremony. I overheard the adults talking about seeing her just on Saturday during one of the auntie's birthday. She was just fine but then she passed away yesterday. That was quite shocking for them. I didn't really know her. Just saw her once a year every chinese new year. Treasure the people around you before its too late.

Fun and Random post:

I was on skype last night. This was in the big chat.
yes jeong jun, we know you're desperate. =P

thatsitfor now.

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