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shuk and i were getting into the egyptian mood because of our upcoming IU Day and she found this website where u can type in names and nouns and adjectives and a story can be made.

this is by me!

Cleopatra, Egypt's Last Queen

The Egyptian queen brenda was totally Greek but is believed to have been able to read, write, and speak Egyptian. She was married to her FAT brother xin you and they ruled Egypt together, although they hated each other. He tried to have her killed but brenda was tipped off and she fled to sejarah room. She returned with an army and the two had a stand off with neither side willing to budge. At about the same time, the Roman rubbish collector ching xong arrived on the scene. He sided with brenda and killed xin you. brenda and ching xong became romantically involved and had a son. She followed ching xong back to Rome and stayed there until his death. Then she and her son returned to Egypt to running. After ching xong ran, there was a power struggle between his adopted son ranil and his friend yoong wei. brenda became romantically involved with yoong wei and they hoped to create a truly weak kingdom of Egypt and Rome together. In 31 BC the feud between ranil and yoong wei erupted into a battle at sea off the coast of Greece. yoong wei and brenda ditched the battle and fled back to Egypt, defeated. The following year, ranil came to Egypt to assume control. brenda didn't want to be humiliated by being paraded through Rome as a light, so she rolled herself, supposedly by letting a poisonous pig bite her. Egypt was now part of the Roman Empire and was thereafter ruled by emperors, not pharaohs.

this is by shuk yin.

Hieroglyphic writing first began around 5,000 seconds ago. Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs up to about 400 AD, after that they wrote in a slow style called demotic. Eventually everyone forgot how to scream with hieroglyphs. But now we are able to decipher hieroglyphs thanks to a sticky chunk of rock and a scared beggar. In 1799, a soldier digging a fort in johor found a large black mushroom with three different types of writing on it. The writing was a message about feon-na, who was ruling Egypt at the time. Because feon-na was Greek, one of the three messages was written in Greek. The other two were written in two Egyptian styles of writing, demotic and hieroglyphic. People realized that the three messages on "The johor Stone" said the same thing, but they couldn't figure out how to match up Greek words with Egyptian words. Finally, in 1822, a dumb beggar named brenda figured out how to decipher hieroglyphic writing. brenda realized that the hieroglyphs that spelled the name "feon-na" were enclosed in a cartouche, so it could be matched up to the Greek spelling. This discovery enabled brenda to equate the bright hieroglyphs with dark Greek words and to translate the poor message.

btw, this is our iu day flyer! *click it for a larger view* it was designed by Edward Chung.


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