Monday, June 14, 2010


Form 1 Terra !!

11 sister (Farah missing !)

Farah.Feon-Na.Jia Min
ranil. brenda.

aidan.ranil.jin hern.eugene

We Will Rock You !!

yoong wei. xin you.
Feon-Na. Wan Xien

FORM 2 !!

eeleng.angel.brenda.shuk yin.feon-na

yee ling. patricia. angel

this is cute ! :)

our FIRST and LAST sticker picture we took together :)

brenda. feon-na.

Edward. wei cher.

patricia. jo ann. wei cher. farah
angel. joo kei. (anyone remember that guy beside angel ? i don't remember him)
wei cher. patricia. yee ling

Form 3 Aqua!!

feon-na. shuk yin. albert. brenda. eeleng.
jo ann. angel. edward. albert. jesslyn.joo kei. leng.

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