Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hello!! I just got back from my trip around KL! Here are the details and FULL STORY!
Attendance: Feon-Na, Ee Leng, Muhaimin and Shuk Yin.
Venues: WMS, LRT, PWTC, Tasik Selatan!
Time: 3.30pm till 7 sth pm.


Today was WMS's IR Day. It is exactly like IU Day just that it is organized by the Leo Club and not the Interact Club. The event was supposed to start at 3.30pm but due to lessons (we are good students =P) we left Cempaka at 3.30pm. Feon-Na's driver took us to the LRT station at Tasik Selatan. Got on the train to Sentul. We reached Sentul at 4pm. The IR Day was actually ending. Just one more event to go. We just stood at the back and watched the sketch. We met Selviah and Leng's friend, Joshua. We met other Interact Club and Leo Club members. Feon-Na got a souvenir from WMS as a token of appreciation. Its a glass bottle with colourful jelly-like balls submerged in water. Its daaaamnnnn cute! Seriously! Joshua was showing us around and Ee Leng was hungry. Joshua was soo super hyper and was showing us around while leng was like "NOOOO i wanna eat!! =(" He even showed us the inside of his tiny locker. There's like a hugeee stack of books in it.

We were walking outside the teacher's staffroom when we saw a tag with the name Mdm Herbert on a very pathetic table full of dust and stuff. Ee Leng was like "OMG!! THIS IS HER STAFFROOM!!!" We were like laughing at her cuz it was obviously NOT a staffroom! Many people there seemed to know Muhaimin. They were like "Hey! I know you!" but Muhaimin can't remember any of them. How sad. By the time we got to the canteen, the food was all gone!! Ee leng was damn sad! Joshua was like "i'll go get raisins! Give me 1 minute!" He ran off while we just stood there looking around. He came back with 3 boxes of raisins and leng ate a chocolate cupcake with icing!! (yes ck, tell her abt the calories!) We took a train to PWTC for dinner. OHOH! I forgot something! On the way to WMS, a funny man got onto the train. His hair was dyed red but, his MOUSTACHE was dyed red too!! He was sitting at the end of the bench me and leng were sitting on. We were like sliding towards him. Like everytime the train stops and moves again, we slide nearer to him!

Back to PWTC! We got off the train and entered some mall/hotel. We ate in Mc Donald's. Me and Na were trying to get tomato sauce out of the pump. Feon-Na was pressing the pump but no sauce came out. Suddenly, she pressed too hard and the WHOLE PUMP CAME OUT!!! We were like SHIT! and quickly put the pump back. After eating, we needed to go to the toilet. We got lost abit, asked around and finally reached the toilet. Suddenly we realized that we had to pay 30 sen as entrance fee to the toilet! SHITTT we didnt bring money! Feon-Na reached into her pocket and took out a coin. 20 sens!! Not even enough for one person!! We were like spazzing there. All 3 of us just looked at the coin for a moment...Suddenly, smart Ee Leng found RM 1.oo in her pocket!! YAY!!! Problem solved! We got back to Mc Donalds to get Muhaimin and went back off to the LRT station to get the train back to Tasik Selatan.

We got onto the first train we saw. It reached Masjid Jamek (if im not mistaken). Muhaimin got off. We were now 3 girls on a train without a phone! We were looking around and realized that everyone was super busy/tired execpt us. We were still energetic and looking amazed at everything. Suddenly, we were thinking that the train we got on was wrong. It was to Ampang! We should be sitting the train back to Sri Petaling. To double check, we asked the man in front of us. We were wrong. We got off at Chan Sow Lin, took the next train to Tasik Selatan. On the train, we watched the sunset. It looked very angry but it was still beautiful. We saw this guy sitting down who looked like Joshua Lam's older brother. Then Feon-Na was like "NONO! its a girl!!" and then "eh! NONO its a GUY la! his legs are so hairy". And we saw a guy who looked like Joel sitting in the dark corner of the station.

When we reached Tasik Selatan, we got off. I went home while na and leng took another train to kajang. It was my first time ever using the train without an adult. Seriously. It was fun la! =D


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